Out of Stock is an artistic-research project that poses as a journal. Focusing on speculative thinking and wanderings, it asks questions about the contemporary significance of fashion and design and their ability to become ‘rebellious agents’ for imagining (future) scenarios. It does so through the lens of Eastern-European perspectives and sensibilities, as ways to fall apart and fall together. Initiated by (unprofessional) fashion theorist and art writer Edith Lázár in collaboration with Ana Labudović – designer and printer-publisher n00b – the project has set itself to become a playful platform for experimental ideas and forms of writing, thinking, and sensorial imagining.

The first and only issue of the journal is the result of an open-call that addressed ‘scarcity and shortages’ as tools for reframing the everyday and for finding empowering imaginaries of future(s) ways of living when an indefinite, dreary present seems to have taken over ideas of what is to come. Out of this Stock emerged a weaving of exuberant stances and visual reverberances, messy identity fictions, strategies of ‘queering the future,’ and a porousness that went from the fabric of clothes to the fabric of screens, against all odds and with all its frictions, as that fragile, temporary ‘we’.

Out of Stock appears under the frame of Akademie Schloss Solitude.